Shot Peening Grows In Popularity

Shot peening is an age-old technology that is being revived through advancements in its operation. Thanks to new approaches, this means of enhancing the fatigue durability of steel components is growing in popularity within and outside the aerospace and automotive sectors.

A work-hardening process that was used as far back as the Bronze Age to strengthen armor, swords, and tools, shot peening continues to grow in use as one of the most cost effective methods for increasing fatigue strength.

Shot peening is a process that produces seemingly miraculous results. It helps nearly any metal work better and last longer. Two-stage dual shot peening is an advanced technique that applies dual media in a back-to-back process. The first stage of this state-of-the-art technology uses a larger size media, followed by a second stage of smaller media, giving your parts a greater surface working and a faster turnaround.

Parts with complicated surface geometry, such as a gear, or parts that are heat-treated, induction hardened, or nitrided need special shot peening treatment. Any part that undergoes areas of tensile stress from grinding, welds, and other stress-inducing production processes require shot peening to introduce layers of compressive stress.

With exact adherence to all shot peening parameters, such as time, pressure, angle of impact, media type, discharge rate, and degree of surface coverage, this invaluable process works to increase the service life of your metal components. As its technological requirements become more extensive and the demand grows for harder and more durable materials, shot peening is an essential process that will continue to impact many industries.

PTI Industries’ CNC shot peen machines use only high quality cut wire shot, with visual software and six-axis robotics, including a dual-media capacity, giving your parts cost-effective, accurate and repeatable results. Our in-house machine shop provides you with any necessary tooling to complete the shot peen process, keeping your parts on time and within budget.

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