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PTI Industries’ nondestructive analysis services include fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI).  These nondestructive tests can locate and assess component defects with an extremely high level of accuracy. PTI’s experienced technicians, trained customer service, and quality control personnel will work together to seamlessly to integrate your non-destructive testing requirements into time-sensitive production schedules.

Our various magnesium coatings are applied to  magnesium parts to aid in the prevention of corrosion, act as a base for additional surface treatments, and ensure long term structural integrity. PTI’s magnesium coatings include Dichromate treatment #Dow 7, Magnesium Anodize treatment #Dow 17, and Chromic Acid treatment #Dow 19.  PTI’s experience with magnesium goes beyond coating conventionally machined components, our knowledgeable staff can advise customers which coating method will be most suitable for their needs.

Passivation is the chemical treatment of stainless steel with a mild oxidant, such as nitric or citric acid solution, to remove surface contamination caused by free irons and enhance the spontaneous formation of a protective passive film on stainless steel. PTI also offers high humidity and copper sulfate testing as needed to confirm the effectiveness of the process.

Pressure testing determines if parts have been properly fabricated or assembled. These tests substantiate that the design and manufacturing processes provide adequate strength to meet the intended end use. PTI Industries will use the latest software to custom design and build tooling onsite for your job. PTI offers hydraulic and gaseous pressure & leak testing services that comply with many OEM Prime specifications.

PTI coats parts with solid film lubrication, known as “dry film lubrication” or “anti-gall” that lubricates the surface of a part with a .0005 to.005″ coating of fine molybdenum disulfide particles which reduces friction and results in less wear. This coating does not attract foreign particles such as dirt or metal like conventional lubricants do, making it ideal for operations where cleanliness is a concern.

PTI Industries’ advanced adhesive bonding services include pre-bond priming, post bond treatment, metal to metal bonding, epoxy bonding, Vespel® bonding, RTV bonding, silicon bonding, and Teflon® fabric and tape bonding. Our in-house machining coupled with our parametric design software (3-D modeling) capabilities enable us to custom design and build tooling to uniquely mate your parts to all of our processes. We also offer finished machining of Teflon® once bonded to your parts. Our expertise, equipment, and capabilities have made PTI one of the premier adhesive bonding partners in the country.

Our precision cleaning & testing service cleans parts to quantifiable levels using: ultrasonics, turbulent flushing, high-pressure spray washing, vapor degreasing, immersion cleaning, CO2 cleaning, and media blasting.  We test for particulate contamination and non-volatile residue (NVR) using computer-based microscopes, electronic micro balances, flash evaporators, ultraviolet light, and conductivity.

Part cleanliness is critical in the manufacturing process. To meet these stringent requirements, industries are burdened with costly equipment purchases, rigid environmental regulations, staff training, and numerous certification requirements. We test for particulate contamination and non-volatile residue (NVR) using computer-based microscopes, electronic micro balances, flash evaporators, ultraviolet light, and conductivity.

PTI Industries’ team of additive engineers have years of experience and have designed state of the art tanks and tooling for a wide variety of parts. From powder evacuation and ultrasonic cleaning of components with complex geometry to flush and pressure test of components with intricate passageways, our team has worked to the most stringent aerospace standards and pride ourselves on our advanced methods, many of which are the first of their kind.


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