Specialized processes that reduce manufacturing lead times.

We do this by:

  • Offering a wide array of approvals and certifications from most major prime contractors in the industry.
  • Delivering unmatched multi-process expertise.
  • Completing all of your processes in one stop.
  • Proactively listening and responding to meet our customers’ needs on a day-to-day basis.

PTI Services

Our Adhesive Bonding services join virtually any material together using supported adhesive films, one and two part Epoxy adhesives and RTV’s.

PTI offers Dry Film Services

Dry Film Lubrication (DFL), also known as “solid film lubrication” or “anti-gall”, is an alternative to oil or grease that provides a surface coating which reduces friction and component wear.

PTI Offers Magnesium Coatings Dow 7, Dow 17 and Dow 19

Our various Dow Coatings prevent corrosion on magnesium parts and acts as a base for additional surface treatments. PTI’s magnesium coatings include Dow 7, Dow 17 and Dow 19.

PTI Offers Non Destructive Testing Services FPI and MPI

Non-Destructive Testing services include Fluorescent and Visible Dye Penetrant Inspection and Magnetic Particle Inspection. These non-destructive tests locate and identify component surface and near surface defects with an extremely high level of accuracy.

PTI Offers Nitric and Citric Acid Passivation

The Passivation process removes free iron from the surface of stainless steel components which will prevent rusting, We offer both type two and type six Nitric Acid Passivation as well as Citric Acid Passivation.

PTI Offers Precision Cleaning Services

Precision Cleaning & Testing cleans parts to quantifiable levels using: Ultrasonics, Turbulent Flushing, High Pressure Spray Washing, Vapor Degreasing, Immersion Cleaning, CO2 Cleaning and Media Blasting. We test for particulate contamination and non-volatile residue using Computer Based Microscopes, Electronic Micro Balances, Ultraviolet Light and conductivity.

Pressure testing in its different forms are acceptance tests to determine that the part has been properly fabricated or assembled. These tests substantiate that the design and manufacturing processes provide adequate strength to meet the intended end use.

PTI has receive accreditation from the FAA

PTI is a certified FAA Repair station with a long history of working with repaired and overhauled components. Our experienced technicians and engineers have industry experience in disassembly, stripping, non-destructive inspection, magnesium stripping and re-coating, bond repairs as well as composite repairs.

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