Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing confirms that parts have been produced without defects and ensures that parts will perform as designed.

PTI understands that our testing results have a far-reaching impact as any imperfection can result in a catastrophic failure. Our experienced technicians, trained customer service, and quality control personnel work together to seamlessly integrate your most stringent requirements into time-sensitive production schedules.


In Fluorescent or Visible Dye Penetrant Inspection the surface of a part is saturated with a penetrant. The penetrant is cleaned off, dried and a developer is applied to the part drawing out penetrant that has entered imperfections such as cracks to reveal surface irregularities. Our skilled inspection technicians use ultraviolet and white-light inspection booths to examine and record these defects.
Fluorescent or Visible Dye Penetrant Inspection is most often used with non-ferrous metals such as titanium, magnesium and aluminum, however it can be applied to ferrous alloys if desired.

Magnetic Particle Inspection uses magnetic fields and small magnetic particles (i.e. iron particles) to detect flaws in components. During Magnetic Particle Inspection the work piece is magnetized. If any defects are on or near the surface, the defects will create a leakage field. The iron particles are suspended in light oil and are applied to the surface of the magnetized part. The particles will be attracted and cluster at the flux leakage fields, thus forming a visible indication that the inspector can detect with ultraviolet light. Magnetic Particle Inspection produces very exact results therefore, PTI staff is able to not only locate part defects, but also accurately assess their degree of severity.

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