Dry Film Lubrication

PTI offers Dry Film ServicesDry Film Lubrication, also known as Solid Film Lubrication (SFL) or Anti-Gall, is commonly used in applications where high heats can break down conventional lubricants such as oil or grease. It is also used where components have to be removed repeatedly from difficult to access areas.

Dry Film Lubrication lubricates the surface of a part with a .0005 to.005″ coating of fine molybdenum disulfide particles which reduces friction and results in less wear. This coating does not attract foreign particles such as dirt or metal, like conventional lubricants do, making it ideal for operations where cleanliness is a concern.

Dry Film Lubrication can be applied to any part by spraying, brushing or dipping. Parts are then ambient or thermally cured to adhere the lubricant to any metal.


In-House Machining & 3-D Modeling Capabilities

Our in house machining coupled with our parametric design software (3-D modeling) capabilities enable us to custom design and build tooling to uniquely mate your parts to all of our processes.  We also offer finished machining of Teflon once bonded to your parts.

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