Adhesive Bonding

Pre-Bond Priming

As new materials and composites are being introduced into many manufacturing processes, Adhesive Bonding has seen a rapid increase in popularity. Adhesive Bonding is often the ideal method for joining components or materials that may not lend themselves to traditional joining methods such as welds, rivets or screws. With the development of new, advanced adhesive systems, bonded assemblies offer significantly stronger joints that are cleaner, lighter and exhibit greater uniformity in the distribution of stress factors.

Our expertise, equipment, capabilities and processes are why PTI is one of the premier Adhesive Bonding partners in the country:

  • Dedicated Bonding Technicians, some with more than 30 years of Adhesive Bonding experience.
  • Our new, 38,500 SF bonding facility maintains two Contamination Controlled Areas (CCA’s).
  • Several curing ovens, which can accommodate parts up to 96″ cube.
  • Multiple blast cabinets which are dedicated solely to surface preparation and adhesive flash removal.

Our team of experts can move your critical component bonded assemblies quickly through the bonding process and offer you precise results and rapid turnaround times. Meet the Team!


When bonding complex materials and optimum adhesion performance is necessary, a Pre-Bond Primer is necessary. Using a Pre-Bond Primer will enhance the thermal stability of a bonded joint as well as protect the part surface from corrosion.
Once applied and cured to the surface of a part to be bonded, the Pre-Bond Primer will become chemically compatible with the adhesive and will establish a superior bonded joint. PTI currently offers Pre-Bond Priming of Titanium components, including a wet blast and pasa gel as a preparation for priming.

RTVs (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) & Silicones have become standard adhesives for joining many of today’s high tech materials. Utilized where strong yet flexible bonds capable of handling fairly high operational temperatures are required, RTV & Silicone adhesives are a dependable solution to many of today’s bonding needs. PTI’s extensive experience, along with our contamination and environmentally controlled bond rooms, give us the ability to process your RTV & Silicone projects quickly and to yield the best possible adhesive to substrate interface.

Epoxies (as a family of adhesives) have received more research and development attention in the past decade than just about any other adhesive group. Accordingly, epoxies for Epoxy Bonding have been developed to meet many of today’s demanding bonding specifications. Applied as a two part paste, epoxies have been specifically developed for; metal to metal, plastic to metal, plastic to plastic as well as a host of other specific Epoxy Bonding applications. Single part epoxies and epoxy impregnated fabric resin systems have also been developed to further diversify the application functionality of this group of adhesives.

Using advanced supported and unsupported film adhesives (Epoxies and Thermal Resin Systems), Metal to Metal Bonding has become a standard in Aerospace manufacturing. PTI Industries serves the Adhesive Bonding field in the processing of assemblies that cannot be joined by traditional means. A benefit of Metal to Metal Bonding is that the resulting joints are often stronger and exhibit a more uniform resistance to applied stresses than joints made with rivets, screws, or welding. In addition, bonded joints can often be reworked, repaired, or replaced without machining intervention.Sacrificial Liners, Wear Strips, Leading Edges, Seals and Bushings are just a sampling of the many parts that can be joined using our advanced adhesive bonding techniques. PTI also specializes in the adhesive bonding of components with complex shapes and parts that do not lend themselves to automated manufacturing practices.

Teflon® is rapidly becoming the material of choice for high tech seals and gaskets throughout many industries. Stable, formable, easy to machine and overhaul, Teflon Bonding is growing in its application and versatility.PTI has a long and extensive history of bonding Teflon® to many substrates. Utilizing advanced pressure sensitive film and epoxy adhesives along with customized tooling, pressure vessels and vacuum clamping processes, PTI can process most Teflon Bonding jobs efficiently and with minimal development. This flexibility gives our customers high quality bonded components with rapid turnaround. PTI serves a wide spectrum of industrial applications therefore we maintain a stock of many sizes and configurations of Teflon® material, giving us the ability to shorten your lead times.

Bonding Vespel® onto or into a metal part has become an increasingly popular method of improving an assembly when wear, thermal, creep, or chemical resistance is a concern. Bonding Vespel® to a part can also greatly reduce the coefficient of friction due to its inherent properties of self-lubrication.Utilizing two part epoxies and customized tooling, PTI can quickly and confidently move your parts requiring Vespel® through the adhesive bonding process, and get them back into your hands. Our extensive knowledge and experience in bonding dissimilar materials for both R&D and production continues to be a key component in PTI’s outstanding reputation to servicing our valuable customers.

To properly prepare parts for Adhesive Bonding, it is essential to clean the component to remove contaminants to ensure a robust bond is achieved. PTI Industries uses media blasting to prepare the mating surfaces prior to solvent wiping.Media Blasting is the acceleration of particles by air performed in a blast cabinet to remove contaminates and breaks the surface tension. Surface effects are determined by media type, size, speed and direction of impact. PTI also has developed a method to remove adhesive squeeze-out using a very specialized acrylic media.

Our In-House Machining coupled with our parametric design software (3-D modeling) capabilities enable us to custom design and build tooling to uniquely mate your parts to all of our processes. We also offer finished machining of Teflon once bonded to your parts.

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