Stainless steel is naturally corrosion resistant; however, it becomes contaminated when subsequent forming and machining operations are performed that introduce free iron particles and other surface contaminates. Passivation is the chemical treatment of stainless steel with a mild oxidant, such as nitric or citric acid solution, to remove the surface contamination and enhance the spontaneous formation of a protective passive film on stainless steel.

PTI offers both Nitric and Citric Acid Passivation.


Nitric is the traditional acid used to passivate stainless steel and is widely accepted by most industries. It is a very effective acid but can remove some of the parent metal. PTI offers several different nitric acid baths.

Citric Acid Passivation provides the same results as Nitric but is based on a new technology which is safer and more environmentally friendly than Nitric Acid. The overall efficiency of Citric Acid Passivation is enhanced when used in conjunction with Ultrasonics.

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