OEM Approvals

PTI Industry CertificationsPTI supports various industries, with hundreds of specialized process approvals from more than 40 OEM’s as well as certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap).

Review the list below to see which processes we have been approved for at each company. You can also search by company, approval type or specification to find an approval. If you do not see the approval you are looking for, please contact us at 860-698-9266, or use the form on this page.

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Current List of Approvals

CompanyApproval TypeSpecification
Aerojet RocketdyneFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417, Type 1
Aerojet RocketdynePassivationAMS 2700 Method 1
Aerojet RocketdynePrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingATC-STD-4940 VC
Fluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantAWPS006X
Magnetic Particle InspectionAWPS003X
Bell HelicopterFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantBPS 4089
Bell HelicopterMagnetic Particle InspectionBPS 4075
Bell HelicopterDry Film LubricantBPS 4310
Bell HelicopterPassivationBPS 4007
Bell HelicopterAdhesive Bonding (Composites, Metals, Laminates)BPS 4352
Bell HelicopterAdhesive Bonding (Composites, Metals, Laminates)BPS 4408
Bell HelicopterAdhesive Bonding (Composites, Metals, Laminates)BPS 4446
Bell HelicopterAdhesive Bonding (Composites, Metals, Laminates)BPS 4478
Bell HelicopterAdhesive Bonding (Composites, Metals, Laminates)BPS 4403
Bell HelicopterChemical CleaningBPS 4138
Bell HelicopterMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)BPS 4509
Bell HelicopterDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)BPS 4003
BoeingFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantBAC 5423
BoeingFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantBSS 7039
BoeingFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
BoeingFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantHP6-13
BoeingFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantPS 21202
BoeingFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantDPS 4.707
BoeingFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantNAS410
BoeingMagnetic Particle InspectionBAC 5424
BoeingMagnetic Particle InspectionBSS 7040
BoeingMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
BoeingMagnetic Particle InspectionHP6-5
BoeingMagnetic Particle InspectionPS 21201
BoeingMagnetic Particle InspectionNAS410
BoeingDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)HP4-9
BoeingDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)AMS-M-3171
BoeingMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)BAC 5734
BoeingMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)MIL-M-45202
BoeingMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)HP4-9
BoeingMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)ASTM D1732
BoeingPassivationPS 13001
BoeingPassivationBAC 5625
BoeingPassivationAMS 2700
CessnaSurface Treatment of Stainless Steel AlloysMC-605
Curtiss-WrightFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantCPS 5427
Curtiss-WrightMagnetic Particle InspectionCPS 5426
Curtiss-WrightPassivationCPS 6515
Curtiss-WrightPassivationAMS 2700
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)FAA Repair Station CertificateOPIR361L
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Fluorescent & Visible Dye Penetrant
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Magnetic Particle Inspection
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Passivation
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Dichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Magnesium Anodize (Dow 17)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Adhesive Bonding
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Precision Cleaning
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Dry Film Lubricant
General Dynamic OTS, BurlingtonFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
General Dynamic OTS, BurlingtonMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
General Dynamic OTS, BurlingtonPassivationAMS 2700
General Dynamic OTS, BurlingtonPassivationAMS-QQ-P-35
General Dynamic OTS, BurlingtonPassivationASTM A967
General Dynamic OTS, BurlingtonPassivationASTM A380
General Dynamic OTS, BurlingtonDry Film Lubricant119A2115
GE Aircraft EnginesFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantP3TF2
GE Aircraft EnginesFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantP3TF44
GE Aircraft EnginesFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantP3TF47
GE Aircraft EnginesFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantNAS410
GE Aircraft EnginesMagnetic Particle InspectionP3TF9
GE Aircraft EnginesMagnetic Particle InspectionP3TF48
GE Aircraft EnginesMagnetic Particle InspectionNAS410
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantA50TF9
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantA50TF79

GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantA50TF147
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantA50TF306
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantA50TF313
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantF50TF33
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantF50TF95
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantF50TF96
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantF50TF98
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantF50TF106
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantAS5272
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantMIL-L-23398
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantMIL-PRF-46010
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantMIL-PRF-46147
GE Aircraft EnginesDry Film LubricantMIL-PRF-81329
GE Aircraft EnginesPassivationP4-TE5B
GE Aircraft EnginesPassivationAMS 2700
GE Aircraft EnginesPassivationASTM A380
GE Aircraft EnginesPassivationASTM A967
GE Aircraft EnginesAdhesive BondingA50TF218
GE Aircraft EnginesAdhesive BondingA50TF262
GE Aircraft EnginesAdhesive BondingA50TF272
GE Aircraft EnginesAdhesive BondingA16B95
GE Aircraft EnginesTitanium CleaningP4TF3 Type A, Alkaline Clean Only
GE Aircraft EnginesPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingE50TF535
GE Aircraft EnginesPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingP13TF1
GE Aircraft EnginesPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingP4TF11
GE Aircraft EnginesPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingP4TF21
General Electric, SchenectadyFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantP3A-AG4
General Electric, SchenectadyFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantP3C-AL-0009
General Electric, SchenectadyFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantP3C-AL-0012
General Electric, SchenectadyMagnetic Particle InspectionP3C-AL-0003
General Electric, SchenectadyMagnetic Particle InspectionP3C-AL-0012
General Electric, SchenectadyPassivateP4A-AG2
HoneywellFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantEMS52309
HoneywellFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
HoneywellMagnetic Particle InspectionEMS52308
HoneywellMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
HoneywellPassivationAMS 2700
HoneywellDry Film LubricantFP7088
HoneywellDry Film LubricantMIL-L-46010
HoneywellDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)AMS-M-3171
HoneywellMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)MIL-M-45202
HoneywellMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)ASTM D1732
HoneywellPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingC5099
HoneywellPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingAF5333
HoneywellPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingC5041 Class I & II
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST)Precision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingIEST-STD-CC1246E
Kaman AerospaceFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantKPS 212
Kaman AerospaceFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantKPS 217
Kaman AerospaceFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantMIL-STD-6866
Kaman AerospaceFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
Kaman AerospaceMagnetic Particle InspectionKPS 208
Kaman AerospaceMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
Kaman AerospaceDry Film LubricantMIL-L-8937
Kaman AerospaceDry Film LubricantMIL-PRF-46010
Kaman AerospacePassivationAMS-QQ-P-35 Type II, VI
Kaman AerospacePassivationAMS 2700
Kaman AerospacePassivationGSS 7021
Kaman AerospacePassivationKPS 211
Kaman AerospacePassivationASTM A967
Kaman AerospaceDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19) MIL-M-3171
Kaman AerospaceDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19) AMS-M-3171
Kaman AerospaceMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)MIL-M-45202
Kaman AerospaceMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)ASTM D1732
KamaticsFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantKPS-212
KamaticsFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantMIL-STD-6866
KamaticsFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantSOP 10/3004
KamaticsFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
KamaticsMagnetic Particle InspectionMIL-STD-1949
KamaticsMagnetic Particle InspectionSOP 10/3005
KamaticsMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
Lockheed MartinFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantMIL-STD-6866
Lockheed MartinFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
Lockheed MartinMagnetic Particle InspectionMIL-STD-1949
Lockheed MartinMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
Lockheed MartinDry Film LubricantMIL-L-8937
Lockheed MartinDry Film LubricantMIL-L-46010
Lockheed MartinDichromate (Dow 7)ASTM D1732
Lockheed MartinMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)ASTM D1732
Lockheed MartinPassivationAMS-QQ-P-35
Lockheed MartinPassivationAMS 2700
Lockheed MartinPassivationASTM A967
Lockheed MartinPassivationASTM A380
Lockheed MartinPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness Testing5PTP-GL06-H
MD HelicopterFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantMDP6-13
MD HelicopterMagnetic Particle InspectionMDP6-5
MD HelicopterDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)MDP4-9
MD HelicopterMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)MDP4-9
MD HelicopterPassivationMDP4-8
MD HelicopterChemical CleaningMDP9-25
Messier-DowtyFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantBAC 5423 (V22 parts only)
Messier-DowtyMagnetic Particle InspectionBAC 5424 (V22 parts only)
Messier-DowtyMagnetic Particle InspectionPS 2101
MoogFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantMIL-STD-6866
MoogFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
MoogMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
MoogPassivationASTM A967
MoogPassivationAMS 2700
MoogPassivationEP 1204
MoogPassivationEP 3204
MoogPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingEP 3628
National Aerospace StandardPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingNAS 1638
Northrop GrummanDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)AMS-M-3171 (F-5 Program only)
Northrop GrummanMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)FP-60 (F-5 Program only)
Parker Hannifin CorporationFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
Parker Hannifin CorporationMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
Parker Hannifin CorporationPassivationAMS-QQ-P-35
Parker Hannifin CorporationPassivationAMS 2700
Parker Hannifin CorporationPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingBPS 4108
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)Aerospace Quality SystemsAC7004
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)Fluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantAC7114
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)Magnetic Particle InspectionAC7114
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)Dry Film LubricantAC7108
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)PassivationAC7108
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)Dichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)AC7108
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)Magnesium Anodize (Dow 17)AC7108
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)Titanium CleaningAC7108
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)Cleanliness VerificationAC7108/6
Performance Review Institute (Nadcap)CompositesAC7118
Pratt & Whitney AircraftFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantFPM CODES 1, 2 & 7
Pratt & Whitney AircraftMagnetic Particle InspectionMPM
Pratt & Whitney AircraftDry Film LubricantPWA 550
Pratt & Whitney AircraftDry Film LubricantPWA 586
Pratt & Whitney AircraftDry Film LubricantPWA 36545
Pratt & Whitney AircraftPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingPW-PPS-2443
Pratt & Whitney AircraftPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingPW-PPS-2457
Pratt & Whitney AircraftPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingPW-PPS-2656
Pratt & Whitney CanadaFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantCFPM CODES 1, 2 & 4
Pratt & Whitney CanadaMagnetic Particle InspectionCMPM
Pratt & Whitney CanadaDry Film LubricantCPW 37
Pratt & Whitney CanadaPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingCPW 152 Category B
Pratt & Whitney CanadaPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingCPW 548
Rolls-Royce USFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantEIS 1169
Rolls-Royce USFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantLHP 8037
Rolls-Royce USFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
Rolls-Royce USFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantRRP 58003
Rolls-Royce USMagnetic Particle InspectionEIS 901
Rolls-Royce USMagnetic Particle InspectionLHP 8036
Rolls-Royce USMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
Rolls-Royce USMagnetic Particle InspectionRRP 58004
Rolls-Royce USPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingEPS 15555
Rolls-Royce USPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingEPS 345
Rolls-Royce USCleaning and Cleanliness Verification of PartsRRP 59016
Rolls-Royce USPressure TestAMS 2615
Rolls-Royce USBondEPS 11317
Rolls-Royce USBondEPS 11317-11
SAE InternationalFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
SAE InternationalMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
SAE InternationalPassivationAMS 2700
SAE InternationalPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingSAE AS4059
SAE InternationalOxygen System & Component CleaningARP 1176
SAE InternationalParticle Count Cleaning, Particle Count MethodARP 598
Safran Aero BoostersAdhesive Bonding45R104644
Safran Aero BoostersDry Film LubricantDMP34-355
Safran Aero BoostersPassivationAMS 2700, Method 1, Type 6
Safran Aero BoostersPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingDT55-83
Sikorsky Global Helicopter (Schweizer Aircraft)Fluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantSHP 6-13, SHP 06-013
Sikorsky Global Helicopter (Schweizer Aircraft)Magnetic Particle InspectionSHP 6-5, SHP 06-005
Sikorsky Global Helicopter (Schweizer Aircraft)Dichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)SHP 4-9, SHP 04-009
Sikorsky Global Helicopter (Schweizer Aircraft)Magnesium Anodize (Dow 17)SHP 4-9, SHP 04-009
Sikorsky Global Helicopter (Schweizer Aircraft)PassivateSHP 4-8, SHP 04-008
Sikorsky AircraftFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantSS8806
Sikorsky AircraftMagnetic Particle InspectionSS8805
Sikorsky AircraftDry Film LubricantSS8866
Sikorsky AircraftPassivationSS8435
Sikorsky AircraftDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)MIL-M-3171
Sikorsky AircraftDichromate & Chromic Acid Treatment (Dow 7 & 19)AMS-M-3171
Sikorsky AircraftMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)SS8433
Sikorsky AircraftMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)ASTM D1732
Sikorsky AircraftMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)MIL-M-45202
Sikorsky AircraftMagnesium Anodize (Dow 17)AMS-M-45202
Sikorsky AircraftAdhesive BondingSS8669, CL-1A, 1B, 1C, 2A & 2B
Sikorsky AircraftLap Shear Tensile Testing (Lab 9)SS8489
Sikorsky AircraftPrecision Cleaning/FlushingSS8539
Sikorsky AircraftPre-Bond PrimeSS8603
Sikorsky AircraftPre-Bond Prime SS8752 Titanium Method B
SnecmaPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingDT55-83
SnecmaPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingDMC0068
SpaceXFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
SpaceXMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
SpaceXPassivation-Nitric/CitricAMS 2700
SpaceXDry Film LubricantMIL-PRF-46010
SpaceXDry Film LubricantAS5272
SpaceXPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingSPX-00006876
SpaceXPrecision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingASTM G93
United Launch AllianceFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
United Launch AlliancePassivationAMS-QQ-P-35
United Launch AlliancePassivationASTM A967
United Launch AlliancePassivationAMS 2700
United Launch AllianceDry Film LubricantMIL-PRF-46010
UTAS (Hamilton)Fluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantMIL-I-6866
UTAS (Hamilton)Fluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
UTAS (Hamilton)Fluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantHS447
UTAS (Hamilton)Magnetic Particle InspectionHS31
UTAS (Hamilton)Magnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
UTAS (Hamilton)Magnetic Particle InspectionPN16.03
UTAS (Hamilton)Magnetic Particle InspectionPN16.04
UTAS (Hamilton)Dry Film LubricantHS248
UTAS (Hamilton)Dry Film LubricantMIL-PRF-46010
UTAS (Hamilton)PassivationHS178
UTAS (Hamilton)PassivationAMS-QQ-P-35
UTAS (Hamilton)PassivationAMS 2700
UTAS (Hamilton)Precision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingHS1550
UTAS (Hamilton)Precision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingHS5036
UTAS (Hamilton)Precision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingHS14602
UTAS (Hamilton)Precision Cleaning & Cleanliness TestingPN14.50
UTAS Landing SystemsFluorescent & Visible Dye PenetrantASTM E1417
UTAS Landing SystemsMagnetic Particle InspectionASTM E1444
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