What is Precision Cleaning?

MicroscopePhoto1Precision cleaning is required for any industry where stringent cleaning is vital for reliable and trouble-free performance of equipment. It’s commonly associated for use with aerospace components and medical devices, but other industries also must use precision cleaning methods.

Other applications that require precision cleaning is include laser components, heat exchangers, and cleaning for oxygen delivery services, all critical systems whose parts must undergo strict cleaning processes prior to use.

Failure to meet stringent precision cleaning requirements can have catastrophic results. Aerospace landing gear parts can fracture, oxygen delivery medical systems can transmit infection and spread disease, and laser components can malfunction and fail when improperly cleaned.

Specialized precision cleaning equipment is used to thoroughly clean contaminants such as soils, oxides, oils, metallic residue, and even dust from the surface of a substrate, or the base material of a part.

Selecting the right method of precision cleaning depends on the different type of contaminants and the type of parts that need cleaning. Careful testing of a part for accurate selection of a precision cleaning method is important to assure compatibility with your parts and the high-performance you require from your precision cleaned parts.

Finding a certified shop for your precision cleaning provides tremendous cost savings. You avoid paying for expensive equipment, complying with strict environmental regulations, and training and certifying your staff.

For optimum service and flexibility, a one-stop shop should meet your high-performance requirements of precision cleaning with multiple cleaning methods and accompanying certifications and approvals.

PTI Industries offers you the essential methods of precision cleaning for a wide range of high-standard cleaning applications.

Our methods of Precision Cleaning include:

  1. Ultrasonic
  2. Aqueous Immersion
  3. CO2 SnoGun
  4. Turbulent Flushing
  5. Vapor Degreasing
  6. High Pressure Spray Washing
  7. Media Blasting
  8. Cleanliness Testing

Applications requiring Precision Cleaning:

  • Cleaning of lasers
  • Aerospace parts
  • Medical devices
  • Low-volume, large auto parts
  • Off-road equipment parts
  • Semiconductors
  • Heat exchangers
  • Oxygen delivery services

Save time and eliminate potentially damaging results by calling us at 860-698-9266. Together we can determine and address your precision cleaning needs.

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