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Adhesive Bonding Versus Welding

When you consider adhesive bonding versus welding for securing your parts, strict specifications must be met while controlling the total cost. Switching over to a new joining process requires addressing many issues, including safety concerns, excessive down time, structural integrity, and structural degradation, as well as your overall manufacturing process. Adhesive is the new kid […]

PTI Continues to Offer UTAS Special Processes for Civil and Military Aerospace Products

PTI Industries continues to offer special processes for critical aerospace components, helping the aerospace industry meet an increased demand while adhering to stringent quality standards. Strict adherence to NADCAP, FAA, and EASA certifications and accreditations ensures your parts performance, reliability, and safety. United Technologies Aerospace Systems in Windsor Locks has shut down and decommissioned operation […]

Meet Future Suppliers at the World’s Aerospace Alley Trade Show

There’s more to the World’s Aerospace Alley Trade Show than a presentation of workforce opportunities to our next generation of highly skilled workers. It’s more than a showcase of outstanding of capabilities by the unique industrial cooperative of ACM members. The World’s Aerospace Alley Trade Show is where you’ll find your future supply chain in […]

Staying Connected Globally at New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Conference

This year’s New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Conference was geared to educating and supporting companies who seek to expand into international markets. PTI Industries was pleased to attend as part of the network of companies who develop products, technologies, and services for the aerospace and defense industry. Representatives from major global growth areas, including world […]

New Partnerships Made at Seattle’s Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit

When you’re looking for a match made in aerospace, look no further than Seattle’s Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit. A&DSS Seattle brings together the aerospace and defense primes, tier suppliers, and contract manufacturers for new networking opportunities as well as reinforcing established connections. This year’s summit saw a total of 850 companies, 40 countries, and […]

Surface Preparation for Adhesive Bonding

When making a quality adhesive bond, the first critical step is selecting the proper adhesive. Once the adhesive type is determined, the second important step is surface preparation. Adhesive bonds are made to adhere other components to substrate surfaces, but because most surfaces are covered with contaminants, if not removed, bond failure will often result. […]

PTI Employee Becomes Certifying Agent for GE

At PTI, we are consistently committed to the individual growth of our employees, with the understanding that our company is only as strong as each of our team members. We’re excited to announce that in September 2015, our very own Brandon Behrens earned the prestigious recognition of becoming a Certifying Agent for Cleanliness Verification per […]

Demands on Aerospace Suppliers Increase

Two hundred small business manufacturers received a word of warning at the recent Aerospace and Defense International Trade Summit held in Groton, CT. The pressure to meet the growing demand for aerospace parts, including commercial engines being built faster than they have been in decades, means suppliers must be ready to deliver now. PTI is […]

Aerospace Manufacturing Takes the Lead at ACM Workforce Fair and Tradeshow

Aerospace customers joined middle and high school students for a first-hand opportunity to see the many capabilities of Connecticut’s and southwestern Massachusetts’ aerospace supply chain. PTI exhibited with other members of Aerospace Components Manufacturers for their annual ACM Future Work Force Opportunities Fair held on October 22, 2015. The successful event drew in a crowd […]

Inside PTI’s Adhesive Bonding Department

Manufacturers are increasingly choosing adhesive bonding as the preferred method for joining components due to its many advantages over traditional joining methods. Adhesive bonding is a critical process and if done improperly can lead to system failures. Proper bonding techniques start with understanding the process requirements, properly maintaining your bond facility and inventory, and having […]