Parts from Palm-Sized To XXL

Most of you might already know that when you deliver your part to PTI, all your special process needs are taken care of in-house and in one stop. But did you also know that we’re set up to meet the unique requirements of each customer based on widely varying part sizes?

Imagine a kiddie wading pool or a coffin-sized crate. That’s how large some of the parts are that arrive in our shipping department. Now think of holding a paper clip in the palm of your hand. Parts smaller than this come in for multiple special processes, with a multitude of sizes in between.

Handling these myriad of part sizes is a challenge PTI is equipped for. Each department has the capabilities of treating and testing a vast range of different sized parts with differing characteristics. Part dimensions, material properties, design complexity, part application, and fabrication processes of the part are all variables that must be considered when determining the best process methods.

There are special process houses out there that specialize in multiple processes, but they are restricted by part size. There are also shops that can manage larger-sized parts, but they’re limited to one or two processes at most. PTI has nine different process solutions and works on a broad spectrum of part sizes, with a specialization in larger sizes that other shops can’t handle.

Processing of one such large-sized part includes the following sequence…

  1. Using a fork truck, the titanium part is moved to the NDT department and an initial inspection is performed
  2. It undergoes a fluorescent penetrant inspection to check for any flaws
  3. It then gets sent to shot peen where it is housed in a massive shot peen machine designed to accommodate its size
  4. This is followed by a stop at quality control before it receives precision cleaning and a final cleanliness testing
  5. It’s shipped back to the customer sealed in a clean room bag and housed in its oversized carton

Parts arrive at PTI in all shapes and sizes, and each part that you send us receives exclusive process treatment. Whether your part is steel, magnesium, aluminum, or titanium, we have the right solution for the material and size of your part.

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