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Engage Partner to Make Cleaning Part of Medical Device Offering

In our previous post we discussed the serious, even catastrophic consequences contamination can cause. Medical device manufacturers –from small machine shops to large corporations – need to establish protocols that enable them to consistently deliver clean components and meet regulatory standards. According to the Institute of Validation Technology, the FDA, in its Quality System Regulations, […]

Why Outsourcing Medical Device Cleaning Makes Sense

Part cleanliness is critical in the medical device manufacturing process, helping to ensure product safety, quality, and consistency. Failure to meet required cleanliness standards can have catastrophic results, including part malfunction and the transmission of infection. However, to achieve cleanliness standards and provide testing validation, medical device makers are burdened with costly equipment purchases, environmental […]

PTI Attends Aeromart Montreal 2017

PTI attended Aeromart Montreal in April. This was their second year at the event which attracted approximately 800 companies, from 28 different countries, with 1,300 participants in attendance. During the three day event there were more than 11,000 business meetings. The general consensus at the show was that it’s a busy time in the aerospace […]

Quality Department Discovers Reason for Aerospace Engine Threading Failure

  More goes on than measuring in PTI’s quality department. Assuring quality results is a dynamic process that isn’t limited to meeting the customer’s definition of quality. It’s going above and beyond the scope of quality department work to satisfy every customer requirement. Sometimes this involves satisfying a requirement for a problem that a customer […]

Parts from Palm-Sized To XXL

Most of you might already know that when you deliver your part to PTI, all your special process needs are taken care of in-house and in one stop. But did you also know that we’re set up to meet the unique requirements of each customer based on widely varying part sizes? Imagine a kiddie wading […]

Innovation In Response to Customer’s Increased Capacity

When a customer is implementing a new technology platform or experiencing capacity issues, PTI will work with them to research and evaluate their options. By creating a strategic process improvement plan, we’re able to define the necessary improvements that ensure you keep up with changing demands and function efficiently. Process improvement occurs in each of […]

PTI Industries Cleared to Launch Precision Cleaning for SpaceX

Recently approved for precision cleaning of its aerospace parts by SpaceX, the space launch provider controlled by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, PTI will provide this critical service as SpaceX receives its own launch approval. Certified by the U.S. Air Force after receiving strict security clearances, SpaceX is now eligible to compete for satellite launches of […]

PTI to Attend the Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit

PTI will be attending the Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit in Seattle April 14th – 15th sponsored by Boeing. Through networking and business to business meetings, the summit helps aerospace companies get connected to the right capabilities and services. As an international platform, suppliers and vendors are able to meet important Prime OEMs in one […]