Inside PTI’s Precision Cleaning Room

Our Clean Department Crew

Our Clean Department Crew

Your sensitive parts demand specific precision cleaning requirements that can involve widely different cleaning methods. Inside PTI’s precision cleaning room you’ll find areas designated for many different cleanliness levels and processes.

Within the clean room a department manager oversees two supervisors, technicians, engineers, and processing employees, each assigned to maintaining conformance in the various precision cleaning methods. From your initial job request to your part’s final on-time delivery, a member of our team follows your part through all stages of the precision cleaning process.

A technical group leader is responsible for your part, staying actively involved in the job until your part is processed to meet all requirements in a timely fashion, even if this means running the process multiple times.

Each precision cleaning team member receives multiple layers of training, first on the equipment and its setting up and use, and for the particular parts assigned to them. Each part undergoes thorough evaluation from our technical quoting group, who receives a new part’s specifications and information from the sales department that takes your order.

From the initial visual verification inspection under white or black light, most parts will then undergo a wide variety of possible testing ranging from the visual to particle weight and size. The equipment also meets rigorous testing to assure it’s free of the same size particles.

Each part sent into the clean room is cleaned according to its recommended method, with different cleaning methods applied to a single part without leaving the confines of the clean room. This ensures that your part’s cleanliness is preserved and remains in conformance to industry and contract standards

Our precision cleaning and cleanliness testing equipment and capabilities include ultrasonic cleaning, CO2 snowgun, vapor degreasing, media blasting, aqueous immersion, turbulent flushing, and high pressure spray room washing. The list of certifications and specialized process approvals are designed to comply with industry specifications and very strict cleanliness standards.

Your part receives the highest levels of cleanliness through PTI’s numerous clean room processes. Our in-process cleaning methods have grown out of the need to meet your precision cleaning requirements.

Your end-cleaned product for all the industries we serve, including the aerospace, medical, automotive, and laser industries, will show superior performance and endurance, reducing OEM warranty claims.

Give us a call with any precision cleaning questions you have and learn how PTI can assist you.

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