The Benefits of Adhesive Bonding

Bonding&DFL._cropAdhesives are the number one choice for joining methods. Because of its numerous benefits, adhesive bonding is used in many different industries, and when compared to the alternative of welding and riveting, adhesives win by a landslide.

Loctite’s post “Adhesives are not second best” describes in detail the many benefits of adhesive bonding over mechanical methods of joining substrates. Loctite, a German manufacturer of high-performance industrial adhesives and sealants, explains the difficulties of traditional bonding techniques
and how adhesive bonding gives you improved performance.

Loctite outlines adhesive bonding benefits, including:

  • Less corrosion and material fatigue
  • No heat distortion or warping
  • No weakening
  • Greater flexibility for use with dissimilar materials
  • Increased rigidity and stiffness
  • Decreased weight
  • Cost savings in workforce training and inventory
  • Improved cosmetic appearance

Although there are many circumstances where welding and riveting are appropriate, any limitations are easy to overcome with adhesives. “Adhesives are certainly not second best when it comes to the selection of joining methods. Indeed for many engineers, adhesives are the first – often, the only – choice,” Loctite said.

When choosing the right adhesive for your parts, it is important to understand the different application benefits and adhesion properties. At PTI Industries, we help you find the right adhesive, because, as Loctite says, “there is no such thing as the totally universal glue.”

Adhesive bonding is a high-tech service PTI Industries offers as one of our many specialized processes, giving you a one-stop experience for your critical part processes.

For additional information check out our blog from July 2014; The 10 Top Things to Look for in an Adhesive Bonding Company.

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