New Partnerships Made at Seattle’s Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit

When you’re looking for a match made in aerospace, look no further than Seattle’s Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit. A&DSS Seattle brings together the aerospace and defense primes, tier suppliers, and contract manufacturers for new networking opportunities as well as reinforcing established connections.

This year’s summit saw a total of 850 companies, 40 countries, and 11,000 arranged meetings as part of its structured two-day event. The summit coincided with the 100th anniversary of Boeing.

PTI Industries was fully booked for the entire two days in pre-arranged meetings with new potential customers. PTI team members enjoyed a reception at The Museum of Flight as one of the attractions to the highly organized and well-attended conference.

Maintaining the needs of your customers requires a community of supply chain members who collaborate and support one another. Strong relationships continue to be built in the aerospace industry with the help of summits like the A&DSS Seattle where key manufacturers and new suppliers work together to deliver the best in innovation, capabilities, and capacity.

PTI Industries is committed to giving its customers the highest quality service as vital contributors in the aerospace supply chain.

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