Staying Connected Globally at New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Conference

NHAD_Conference6This year’s New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Conference was geared to educating and supporting companies who seek to expand into international markets. PTI Industries was pleased to attend as part of the network of companies who develop products, technologies, and services for the aerospace and defense industry.

Representatives from major global growth areas, including world market experts from Colombia, The United Kingdom, Canada, and Saudi Arabia presented different aspects of international business, such as export control and ITAR regulations, helping companies learn how to grow their business overseas and stay up to date on global issues.

The luncheon program was very informative. Representatives from BAE, GE & Pratt, spoke about their current programs as well as educating people, specifically the younger generation – kids in school – about jobs in manufacturing. Their presentation was followed by a keynote address and an address from the governor.

The expanded full day event gave PTI Industries more time to connect with customers and get valuable industry updates from outside their territory. Attendees were able to create contacts up and down the supply chain, develop international business strategies, and build a larger industry network.

PTI Industries provides multiple special processes for the global aerospace supply chain, helping the industry to reduce manufacturing lead times and lower costs through qualified manufacturing support services.

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