PTI Attends Aeromart Montreal 2017

PTI attended Aeromart Montreal in April. This was their second year at the event which attracted approximately 800 companies, from 28 different countries, with 1,300 participants in attendance. During the three day event there were more than 11,000 business meetings. The general consensus at the show was that it’s a busy time in the aerospace industry which is why partnerships are more important than ever.

PTI Industries met with more than two dozen manufacturers in addition to numerous Primes. This event provides an excellent opportunity for supply chain and service providers to broaden their business opportunities in Canada and meet important Prime OEMs in one place. Aerospace Primes in attendance included Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter, GE Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls Royce, and Safran.

As a special processes service provider, PTI had the opportunity to meet with selected companies for successful meetings with both current and prospective customers. Through both networking and business to business meetings, the matchmaking program at Aeromart Montreal helps aerospace companies get connected to the right capabilities and services.

The theme of the show was “From Vision to Reality: Breaking Through the World of 4.0”. This topic was the focus of the opening day presentations. In addition to one-on-one meetings, the conference also offered numerous workshops. From Quality Challenges in the Industry to Growth through Acquisition, there was no shortage of options.

PTI works to support the aerospace industry with multiple high-end special processes designed to reduce manufacturing lead times and lower costs. We are committed to helping build the global aerospace supply chain through continued participation in Aeromart and through delivering qualified manufacturing support services.

Quality Department Discovers Reason for Aerospace Engine Threading Failure


More goes on than measuring in PTI’s quality department. Assuring quality results is a dynamic process that isn’t limited to meeting the customer’s definition of quality. It’s going above and beyond the scope of quality department work to satisfy every customer requirement.

Sometimes this involves satisfying a requirement for a problem that a customer doesn’t know exists. For Dawn Stokes, Quality Assurance Manager, making sure everyone is following the rules is her primary focus. But when every rule is adhered to and something comes back flagged as a problem, it’s time to dig deeper.

PTI experienced a problem solving challenge with a major aerospace company’s parts that came in for dry film lubrication. “That’s how we discovered it. They thought it was a dry film issue because after our process, it wasn’t working,” Stokes said.

Dry Film Lubrication (DFL), also known as solid film lubrication, is the ideal solution for lubricating your parts when liquid-based lubricants fail to function properly. The dry film protective coating is more reliable for reducing surface friction between part surfaces.

The DFL department treated the engine parts with a protective coating and sent them on to quality. They passed inspection and were returned to the customer who promptly discovered a threading issue. During assembly, the parts, involving several engine orders, weren’t torqueing together correctly. The problem was believed to be in the dry film application and presented again to quality for inspection.

The quality department got help troubleshooting the problem parts from their “threading expert” who has background knowledge with threaded parts. Why weren’t the parts working properly under the specific threading dimensions they needed to adhere to? The problem wasn’t the dry film process, the expert determined, but the threading dimensions as defined in the blueprint.

“Looking closer at the prints, it just jumped out at him with all his thread knowledge,” Stokes said. “So he did the math to adjust the pitch in the threading,” and many conference calls with the customer later, the problem was resolved.

After careful review of the problem internally, the customer found that there was more than one engine group that had this same threading issue, and they ended up changing the requirements on their prints. They were able to apply this same engineering solution to another engine within the same part family.

Fixing problems in the quality department involves understanding the customer’s real needs and applying problem-solving skills that deliver true resolution and not just temporary fixes. Whatever special processes need you have, we have the expert to give you quality that goes beyond your requirements.

PTI Industries Cleared to Launch Precision Cleaning for SpaceX

Recently approved for precision cleaning of its aerospace parts by SpaceX, the space launch provider controlled by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, PTI will provide this critical service as SpaceX receives its own launch approval.

Certified by the U.S. Air Force after receiving strict security clearances, SpaceX is now eligible to compete for satellite launches of U.S. national security satellites. The Air Force’s certification of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket brings competition to national security space launches, giving greater leverage to the commercial space market.

What Else Does the Falcon 9 Rocket Do?

This ends the monopoly of United Launch Alliance with the Pentagon in sending military payloads into orbit, including GPS navigation satellites, missile warning platforms, weather satellites, and the National Reconnaissance Office’s orbiting spy payloads. The Falcon 9 rocket is also used for NASA, the U.S. civilian space agency, and commercial satellite operators.

One of the most recent Falcon 9 launches was June 15, 2016, when it lifted off a dual-satellite delivery from Cape Canaveral to broadcast video across Asia and Latin America, and to improve airplane navigation crossing the U.S. It’s set to launch again July 18 to send NASA’s Dragon supply ship to the International Space Station for the crews living there.

The certification from U.S. military comes ahead of the deadline for Russian-sourced engines for ULA’s rockets, a time limit not allowed past 2019. SpaceX, in contrast, builds most of its Falcon 9 from scratch right here in the U.S. It’s also an evolutionary design geared toward making reusable rockets.

This means that the escape rockets, which are mounted in the rocket’s base and not the tower like with Apollo, aren’t thrown away after use. Instead, they can be cleaned up and reconfigured for another flight. SpaceX is the first private company to launch a payload into orbit and make an upright landing and recovery, making sustainable rockets a reality.

PTI Industries is proud to support SpaceX’s achievements. By serving the nation’s military and aerospace industries with certified special processes, PTI continues to advance its mission for accurate process control that ensures part performance, reliability, and safety.

PTI Continues to Offer UTAS Special Processes for Civil and Military Aerospace Products

Jet EnginePTI Industries continues to offer special processes for critical aerospace components, helping the aerospace industry meet an increased demand while adhering to stringent quality standards. Strict adherence to NADCAP, FAA, and EASA certifications and accreditations ensures your parts performance, reliability, and safety.

United Technologies Aerospace Systems in Windsor Locks has shut down and decommissioned operation of their Plating and Special Process lines as of September 1, 2016.

If you have aerospace parts in need of UTAS special processes, our facility is a one-stop multi-service shop with services available for both military and commercial aircraft.

PTI Industries is approved for 5 special processes offered by UTAS:

  • FPI & Dye Penetrant
  • MPI
  • Solid Film Lubricant
  • Passivation
  • Flushing and Cleaning

See out List of Approvals and type “UTAS” in the search field. For all inquiries on UTAS processes, and for your RFQs, please send to for a prompt reply or quote.

PTI’s commitment to quality includes constantly striving for continuous improvements in meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations on every special processes job order. All of our special process technicians have extensive knowledge and training in parts and equipment to support the manufacturing challenges of the aerospace industry.

Meet Future Suppliers at the World’s Aerospace Alley Trade Show

ACM logoThere’s more to the World’s Aerospace Alley Trade Show than a presentation of workforce opportunities to our next generation of highly skilled workers. It’s more than a showcase of outstanding of capabilities by the unique industrial cooperative of ACM members.

The World’s Aerospace Alley Trade Show is where you’ll find your future supply chain in one place. When you come to Aerospace Alley, you get to meet the leaders in the aerospace industry and the companies who are your potential suppliers in precision manufacturing. It’s your ideal opportunity to meet and connect with nearly 100 world-class aerospace manufacturers, all in one afternoon and under one roof.

Save the date of Wednesday, November 9, 2016, for growing your supplier connections in the Aerospace Alley, the hot spot for qualified, long-standing aerospace manufacturers, processors, and suppliers.

ACM encourages the collaboration of aerospace manufacturers to ensure continuous improvement and a cost-effective and enhanced product. Check out the video below for more information.

As a member of ACM’s network of companies, PTI is united in our goal to be a world leader in providing customers with unsurpassed quality, competitive prices, and on-time delivery. Hope to see you at this year’s show.

  • Wednesday, November 9, 2016
  • 12:30 – 5:30pm
  • Connecticut Convention Center
  • 100 Columbus Boulevard
  • Hartford, CT
  • Admission: Free


Staying Connected Globally at New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Conference

NHAD_Conference6This year’s New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Conference was geared to educating and supporting companies who seek to expand into international markets. PTI Industries was pleased to attend as part of the network of companies who develop products, technologies, and services for the aerospace and defense industry.

Representatives from major global growth areas, including world market experts from Colombia, The United Kingdom, Canada, and Saudi Arabia presented different aspects of international business, such as export control and ITAR regulations, helping companies learn how to grow their business overseas and stay up to date on global issues.

The luncheon program was very informative. Representatives from BAE, GE & Pratt, spoke about their current programs as well as educating people, specifically the younger generation – kids in school – about jobs in manufacturing. Their presentation was followed by a keynote address and an address from the governor.

The expanded full day event gave PTI Industries more time to connect with customers and get valuable industry updates from outside their territory. Attendees were able to create contacts up and down the supply chain, develop international business strategies, and build a larger industry network.

PTI Industries provides multiple special processes for the global aerospace supply chain, helping the industry to reduce manufacturing lead times and lower costs through qualified manufacturing support services.

Demands on Aerospace Suppliers Increase


The Aerospace and Defense International Trade Summit drew suppliers from all over the world, including France, Israel and Italy. (Jessica Hill/ Associated Press)

Two hundred small business manufacturers received a word of warning at the recent Aerospace and Defense International Trade Summit held in Groton, CT. The pressure to meet the growing demand for aerospace parts, including commercial engines being built faster than they have been in decades, means suppliers must be ready to deliver now.

PTI is prepared for the challenge and ready to support the aerospace supply chain companies.

For the full story, read the recent article from the Hartford Courant, “Airbus: Pratt Says Suppliers Need To Spend More To Meet Demands”.

Next-Generation Helicopter for Marine Corps

CH-53K King Stallion (Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation)

CH-53K King Stallion (Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation)

A helicopter that can lift three times more weight than its predecessor just completed its first flight for the Marine Corps, flying with more power which allows transport of more Marines and gear at higher altitudes. PTI Industries is proud to be a part of the CH-53K King Stallion project. Providing services for ground breaking technology is one of the best things about our business.

For the full story, read the recent article from Fox News; “Marine Corp’ new helicopter completes its first flight”.

Aerospace Manufacturing Takes the Lead at ACM Workforce Fair and Tradeshow

acm-teamAerospace customers joined middle and high school students for a first-hand opportunity to see the many capabilities of Connecticut’s and southwestern Massachusetts’ aerospace supply chain. PTI exhibited with other members of Aerospace Components Manufacturers for their annual ACM Future Work Force Opportunities Fair held on October 22, 2015.

The successful event drew in a crowd of 800 students from 32 schools in 28 towns, and included teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators. Students learned about the potential of a career in aerospace manufacturing, including career paths that do not require college.

ACM members set up displays with a host of hands-on components and parts, colorful posters, a few helicopter models, and many bowls of candy. Students spent the day speaking with over 60 local aerospace firms, discussing the different opportunities in the aerospace industry and the expectations of employers when hiring new employees.

Governor Dannel Malloy, attending with CT DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith, congratulated everyone’s interest in Connecticut’s growing aerospace industry, recognizing aerospace manufacturing as vital to the region’s economy and recommending manufacturing support as a financially stable future career.

“Manufacturing is a career, not simply a job, and it’s a high paying career…and we need you to be interested in it in the State of Connecticut,” Malloy said.

ACM promotes and supports collaboration between aerospace manufacturers, special processors, and suppliers to attract global aerospace industry to the World’s Aerospace Alley. As a member of ACM’s network of companies, PTI is united in our goal to be a world leader in providing customers with unsurpassed quality, competitive prices, and on-time delivery.

CT Aerospace Industry Gets Government Support

Depositphotos_21009657_s-2015-300x186Congratulations to the Connecticut aerospace community for their designation as an “Advanced Manufacturing Community” (AMC) by the federal government. As one of twelve recipients selected by the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMPC), Connecticut manufacturing in the aerospace industry will continue to impact the state’s economic future. View press release.

The Aerospace Components Manufacturers Association, along with the AMC Region of Connecticut, will join forces to establish Connecticut as a worldwide leader in aerospace production. There is also a special process initiative for identifying special process gaps.

As the AMC Region of Connecticut works to build on its existing resources and develop new initiatives, PTI will continue to provide the special processes needed for this industry. Through partnerships with the aerospace community, our successful collaboration continues to ensure that your special process needs are customer-driven and cost-effective.

We look forward to doing what is required as a special processes provider to be a vital part of the future success of aerospace manufacturing.