PTI Services Touch Every Type of Engine on Every Type of Aircraft in the Free World

plane in the skyWhether it’s a voyager space probe, traffic-watching media helicopter, a B-2 bomber, or a commercial wide-body passenger jet, all aerospace products must be light, to be gravity-defying, as well as strong. They are produced from specialized materials that operate in extreme conditions. Aerospace parts must be manufactured, maintained, and continually tested to precise specifications in order to avoid the smallest defect that could lead to operating failure.

For more than thirty years, PTI has worked with both commercial and military aerospace, reaching every type of engine on every type of aircraft in the free world. With hundreds of specialized process approvals from more than forty OEMs, and certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap), our commitment to aerospace is part of our mission here at PTI.

Working to keep aircraft in safe flying condition is a critical aerospace industry service. PTI technicians follow detailed regulations to service aircraft components and systems including airframes, piston engines, turbine engines, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems with multiple specialized processes. Our one-stop specialized processes for aerospace components include repair services, non-destructive testing, shot peen, passivation, precision cleaning, magnesium coatings, adhesive bonding, dry film lubrication, and pressure testing.

Getting your multiple high-end process solutions performed in one stop yields significant savings in aerospace manufacturing lead times, without sacrificing rigid performance specifications and requirements. As a leader in the aerospace support services industry, every aircraft component PTI touches receives paramount attention to detail in safety, reliability, and efficiency.

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