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What’s Special About Special Processes?

Any process that could change or alter a parts material or physical integrity by introducing stresses with mechanical, thermal, or chemical operations may be considered a Special Process. In most cases Special Processes are controlled by the OEM’s and you must validate the special process in order to ensure there are no deficiencies as a […]

PTI Services Touch Every Type of Engine on Every Type of Aircraft in the Free World

Whether it’s a voyager space probe, traffic-watching media helicopter, a B-2 bomber, or a commercial wide-body passenger jet, all aerospace products must be light, to be gravity-defying, as well as strong. They are produced from specialized materials that operate in extreme conditions. Aerospace parts must be manufactured, maintained, and continually tested to precise specifications in […]

The Benefits of Adhesive Bonding

Adhesives are the number one choice for joining methods. Because of its numerous benefits, adhesive bonding is used in many different industries, and when compared to the alternative of welding and riveting, adhesives win by a landslide. Loctite’s post “Adhesives are not second best” describes in detail the many benefits of adhesive bonding over mechanical […]

Inside PTI’s Precision Cleaning Room

Your sensitive parts demand specific precision cleaning requirements that can involve widely different cleaning methods. Inside PTI’s precision cleaning room you’ll find areas designated for many different cleanliness levels and processes. Within the clean room a department manager oversees two supervisors, technicians, engineers, and processing employees, each assigned to maintaining conformance in the various precision […]

A Case Study in Part Cleanliness

Recently on several precision cleaning jobs we were unable to meet the cleanliness requirements on anodized aluminum* parts that contained internal passageways. Regardless of how many times we cleaned and tested the parts, a never-ending stream of small aluminum chips kept showing up in the test samples. After close study, we discovered that the parts […]

Dow Coatings for Your Magnesium Components

Because it is one of the lightest and strongest metals available, the use of magnesium is growing in many industries including aerospace, automotive, electrical and military. It has good fatigue strength, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, is non-magnetic and has relatively high thermal and electrical conductivities.   The disadvantages of magnesium is that is has poor corrosion resistance […]

Workforce Fair & Tradeshow Keeps Growing

PTI Industries exhibited at the annual Aerospace Component Manufacturers (ACM) tradeshow on October 23rd in Windsor, CT. This show gives customers and students the chance to see the World’s Aerospace Alley first hand at their annual “Future Workforce Opportunities” Fair & Tradeshow. Seventy ACM firms attended demonstrating their commitment to collaborate and build their businesses. […]

What is Precision Cleaning?

Precision cleaning is required for any industry where stringent cleaning is vital for reliable and trouble-free performance of equipment. It’s commonly associated for use with aerospace components and medical devices, but other industries also must use precision cleaning methods. Other applications that require precision cleaning is include laser components, heat exchangers, and cleaning for oxygen […]

PTI Industries Exhibiting at Annual ACM Show

We will be exhibiting at the ACM Tradeshow to be held October 23, 2014 Hartford – Windsor Airport Marriott Hotel Windsor, Connecticut. The trade show offers decision makers,  supply chain managers and company representatives a unique opportunity to visit current suppliers, identify new suppliers and discuss new and creative procurement opportunities – all under one […]

Passivation of Stainless Steel

How It Works By adding chromium to steel, a new breed of “stain-less” steel was born over a century ago. The added chromium combines with oxygen in the atmosphere and forms an invisible layer called passive film, making the steel resistant to rust. A clean, freshly machined and polished stainless steel part will naturally acquire […]