PTI Employee Becomes Certifying Agent for GE

CA Plaque_BehrensAt PTI, we are consistently committed to the individual growth of our employees, with the understanding that our company is only as strong as each of our team members. We’re excited to announce that in September 2015, our very own Brandon Behrens earned the prestigious recognition of becoming a Certifying Agent for Cleanliness Verification per P4TF21 for GE Aviation.

This award comes after Brandon demonstrated his extensive knowledge, competence, experience, and unique leadership skills in his specific field of expertise. Brandon works as a Process Development Technician for our Clean Department, and he’s been with PTI for nearly nine years.

Please join us in extending Brandon a hearty congratulations for this esteemed award, and heartfelt thanks for all his years of hard work.

Demands on Aerospace Suppliers Increase


The Aerospace and Defense International Trade Summit drew suppliers from all over the world, including France, Israel and Italy. (Jessica Hill/ Associated Press)

Two hundred small business manufacturers received a word of warning at the recent Aerospace and Defense International Trade Summit held in Groton, CT. The pressure to meet the growing demand for aerospace parts, including commercial engines being built faster than they have been in decades, means suppliers must be ready to deliver now.

PTI is prepared for the challenge and ready to support the aerospace supply chain companies.

For the full story, read the recent article from the Hartford Courant, “Airbus: Pratt Says Suppliers Need To Spend More To Meet Demands”.

Next-Generation Helicopter for Marine Corps

CH-53K King Stallion (Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation)

CH-53K King Stallion (Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation)

A helicopter that can lift three times more weight than its predecessor just completed its first flight for the Marine Corps, flying with more power which allows transport of more Marines and gear at higher altitudes. PTI Industries is proud to be a part of the CH-53K King Stallion project. Providing services for ground breaking technology is one of the best things about our business.

For the full story, read the recent article from Fox News; “Marine Corp’ new helicopter completes its first flight”.

Shut Down Assembly Line Demands Rapid Response

Depositphotos_49175383_m-2015A nearby molding company recently experienced a product failure that forced their customer to shut down their assembly line. The OEM is a well known, top-selling pickup truck manufacturer and the molding company’s most profitable product line. The urgency was unmistakable.

It began as a panic-stricken call on our toll-free number. The man on the other end of the line explained the predicament. The company molds a small plastic box that is used as a switch that sits under a brake pedal. The switch activates the brake lights on a popular full size pickup truck.

Press the brake pedal and the switch turns the brake lights on. However, the system was no longer working. After switching from a straight plastic polymer to a fiber-filled polymer, the product failed. After assembly, some of the fibers were breaking off and getting stuck in between the electrical contacts and causing the switch to fail.

The entire operation came to a standstill, the whole truck pickup assembly line shut down, and workers were sent home. PTI needed to help them solve the problem, saving both the American-made pickup truck manufacturer and the molding company from an immense potential setback.

Due to the high volume and fast turn times on this particular part, the molding company cleaned the boxes themselves in their own plant. However, they didn’t have a way to test the part for cleanliness. Cleanliness testing is a crucial step in proving the cleaning process adjustments are effective and producing FOD-free parts.

The molding company had a courier ready, and as each new iteration came off their cleaning line, he immediately drove the samples to PTI for cleanliness testing. PTI’s technician was on standby, testing the samples as soon as they arrived. Once PTI had the test results, the technician phoned the molding company.

Based on PTI’s findings, they tweaked their process accordingly and then sent another sample for evaluation. This process took three adjustments and three trips back and forth by the courier, but in the course of a single day, they got the parameters exactly right.

In this cleanliness case study, the customer corrected their problem within a matter of hours. PTI’s rapid response was critical to solving this part failure. Contact PTI at 1-800-318-8438 for immediate solutions to your special process needs. PTI sets the industry standard for accuracy, reliability, and customer-driven response.

Aerospace Manufacturing Takes the Lead at ACM Workforce Fair and Tradeshow

acm-teamAerospace customers joined middle and high school students for a first-hand opportunity to see the many capabilities of Connecticut’s and southwestern Massachusetts’ aerospace supply chain. PTI exhibited with other members of Aerospace Components Manufacturers for their annual ACM Future Work Force Opportunities Fair held on October 22, 2015.

The successful event drew in a crowd of 800 students from 32 schools in 28 towns, and included teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators. Students learned about the potential of a career in aerospace manufacturing, including career paths that do not require college.

ACM members set up displays with a host of hands-on components and parts, colorful posters, a few helicopter models, and many bowls of candy. Students spent the day speaking with over 60 local aerospace firms, discussing the different opportunities in the aerospace industry and the expectations of employers when hiring new employees.

Governor Dannel Malloy, attending with CT DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith, congratulated everyone’s interest in Connecticut’s growing aerospace industry, recognizing aerospace manufacturing as vital to the region’s economy and recommending manufacturing support as a financially stable future career.

“Manufacturing is a career, not simply a job, and it’s a high paying career…and we need you to be interested in it in the State of Connecticut,” Malloy said.

ACM promotes and supports collaboration between aerospace manufacturers, special processors, and suppliers to attract global aerospace industry to the World’s Aerospace Alley. As a member of ACM’s network of companies, PTI is united in our goal to be a world leader in providing customers with unsurpassed quality, competitive prices, and on-time delivery.

Inside PTI’s Adhesive Bonding Department

BOND Dept. Employee Photo 006

Manufacturers are increasingly choosing adhesive bonding as the preferred method for joining components due to its many advantages over traditional joining methods. Adhesive bonding is a critical process and if done improperly can lead to system failures. Proper bonding techniques start with understanding the process requirements, properly maintaining your bond facility and inventory, and having highly trained operators to carry out the requirements.

PTI Industries Adhesive Bonding Department’s team of experts’ goal is to maintain compliance to all bonding process requirements to ensure your critical adhesive bonding needs.

How the department is organized
PTI’s Adhesive Bonding Department is organized by the different types of adhesive bonding methods and spec requirements for controlled areas. There are two contamination controlled areas that are maintained for temperature, humidity, and positive pressure. One area is for RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) bonding, and the second is for epoxy bonding used in applications such as liner (metal to metal) and Teflon bonding. There are also additional environmentally maintained areas for other methods and specifications, such as magnesium bonding.

Maintaining contamination control areas
Calibrated controls for temperature and humidity are checked twice a day to ensure an acceptable specification range is met. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers maintain the proper humidity levels for effective adhesive bonding.

Approval processing for the right adhesive method
Each adhesive bonding method is specification driven and controlled. Nearly all prime manufacturers require approvals for the type of bonding that is required in the form of an overall approval for processing. They also may require specific approvals in the form of a technical plan or process plan for the parts being processed or the method of processing.

Getting the right fixtures and tooling
PTI determines the appropriate bonding tooling and fixtures required for each specific job. Tooling is designed and created by our bond technical leader, quality department and engineering department. Most tooling or fixtures can be made onsite in our machine shop.

Adhesive storage and quality control
PTI stores adhesives in three ways:
1. Room temperature cabinets
2. Refrigerators
3. Freezer

All storage options are quality controlled. The refrigerators and freezer are monitored with state of the art thermocouple chart recorders. The freezer is set with an alarm indicating variation above or below the acceptable temperature range. When technicians aren’t on site, any deviation is sent to PTI’s security company, who then notifies PTI.

Typical adhesive shelf life can range from six months to one year. Shelf life is monitored with an inventory control system that includes product labels and an online tracking system. All out time of adhesives are tracked and recorded.

Your Certificate of Conformance
PTI provides a certificate of conformance for all jobs and for all special processes in our support services as part of our quality assurance program.

Who works in PTI’s Adhesive Bonding Department?
The Adhesive Bonding Department team includes a Bond Manager, Bond Technical Leader/Expert, two Team Leaders, Expeditor, Quality Engineer, and Bond Operators/Technicians.

All team members undergo on-the-job training on systems, procedures, and processing. Classroom training, special program training, part and job specific training are done by the quality department, bond technical leader, team leaders and high level operators.

For any questions on PTI’s adhesive bonding special processes, please contact Jessica Taylor.

CT Aerospace Industry Gets Government Support

Depositphotos_21009657_s-2015-300x186Congratulations to the Connecticut aerospace community for their designation as an “Advanced Manufacturing Community” (AMC) by the federal government. As one of twelve recipients selected by the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMPC), Connecticut manufacturing in the aerospace industry will continue to impact the state’s economic future. View press release.

The Aerospace Components Manufacturers Association, along with the AMC Region of Connecticut, will join forces to establish Connecticut as a worldwide leader in aerospace production. There is also a special process initiative for identifying special process gaps.

As the AMC Region of Connecticut works to build on its existing resources and develop new initiatives, PTI will continue to provide the special processes needed for this industry. Through partnerships with the aerospace community, our successful collaboration continues to ensure that your special process needs are customer-driven and cost-effective.

We look forward to doing what is required as a special processes provider to be a vital part of the future success of aerospace manufacturing.

PTI Industries Help Aerospace Manufacturers Meet Increasing Demand

precision componentOur previous blog post on the aerospace industry focused on the critical safety and quality of aircraft components. PTI helps keep aircraft in safe flying condition by providing multiple manufacturing services with our hundreds of special process approvals from over forty OEMs, and certifications from the FAA, EASA, and NADCAP.

This update focuses on the high demand for new commercial aircraft. A worldwide commercial aircraft demand presents new challenges for both airframe and engine manufacturers alike. The global aerospace industry faces the challenge of improving productivity and responding to ever increasing government regulations.

The expected growth rate is largely driven by an increased demand for new low-cost carriers from emerging economies and their growing middle class.  Projected growth estimates from 2015 through 2033 total over 35,000 new aircraft, with an average of eight and a half planes and seventeen aircraft engines a day.

These opportunities mean aerospace manufacturers need qualified suppliers and service providers. The required scope and knowledge to invest in and perform advanced manufacturing services is part of the ongoing challenge aerospace companies must face as they redouble efforts to reduce costs.

PTI helps to alleviate this challenge by reducing lead times with ten special processes performed in-house, at one location, including:

  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Dry Film Lubrication
  • Magnesium Coatings
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Passivation
  • Precision Cleaning & Cleanliness Testing
  • Repair Services
  • Shot Peen

World travel is anticipated to continue growing over the next twenty years by five percent per year as it has since 1980. The numbers of annual flight passengers will rise from a fifth of the population in emerging markets to two thirds, with global passenger numbers doubling to over six billion.

As the market for worldwide commercial aircraft grows, PTI’s special process technology has the advanced techniques needed to help meet the new volume challenge for aerospace components.

PTI Meets With International Aerospace Companies at Aeromart Montreal

Jessica Cartelli and Chuck Osborn

Jessica Cartelli and Chuck Osborn

As the third aeronautic hub in the world, Montreal was the place to be for the aerospace industry at the recent Aeromart Montreal 2015. Approximately 800 companies from 28 different countries were represented, with 1300 participants in attendance. PTI Industries met numerous international customers, including OEMs, Tier 1’s, and other supply chain and service providers.

Through both networking and business to business meetings, the matchmaking program at Aeromart Montreal helps aerospace companies get connected to the right capabilities and services. As a special processes service provider, PTI had the opportunity to meet with selected companies for successful meetings with both current and prospective customers.

As an international platform, suppliers and vendors were able to increase their business opportunities in Canada and meet important Prime OEMs in one place, without needing to make extensive travel arrangements. Aerospace Primes in attendance included Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter, GE Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls Royce, and Safran.

For over 18 years, the global aeronautic industry has met at Aeromart to find partner suppliers and new clients, explore new markets, and help develop awareness of new aerospace programs. Parts manufacturers, service providers, and builders in the aerospace community come together to forge new links in the international supply chain.

PTI works to support the aerospace industry with multiple high-end special processes designed to reduce manufacturing lead times and lower costs. We are committed to helping build the global aerospace supply chain through continued participation in Aeromart and through delivering qualified manufacturing support services.

Gateway Spotlight Company Is PTI Industries

gatewaycoverThe May Gateway spotlight feature is on PTI. The article begins with a brief history of our multi-tiered special process services. PTI began as a metal testing company, performing fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspections for Pratt & Whitney. We’ve continued to add special processes and approvals as requests from customers came in, growing our business and reputation to where it is today.

In an effort to be a one-stop support service facility, we have worked to build an expansive special processes list. Our growth is a direct response to meeting customer needs, from our initial non-destructive testing to the most recent Teflon bonded component machining.

From small local machine shops to the largest aerospace contractors, we are committed to bringing a wide range of support services to a variety of industries including:

  • Commercial and Military Aerospace
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Off-Road vehicles
  • Laser components
  • Heat exchangers

Our goal is to eliminate excessive time and logistics issues, reducing our customers’ manufacturing lead times with multiple special processes:

  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Precision Cleaning
  • Cleanliness Testing
  • Dry Film Lubrication
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Magnesium Coating
  • Passivation
  • Repair Services
  • Shot Peen

The Gateway finishes the spotlight article with our Quality Policy, which includes constantly striving for continuous improvement in meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and affordability. Our commitment to quality means that every multi-process job order and request receives special attention to turn time requirements, as well as compliance to all customer and regulatory requirements. All of our special process experts have extensive, hands-on working knowledge and training on both parts and equipment to solve quality and manufacturing challenges.

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Please call us for any questions you have on The Gateway article, our special processes, and how we can help you with your manufacturing needs.

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