PTI Services Touch Every Type of Engine on Every Type of Aircraft in the Free World

plane in the skyWhether it’s a voyager space probe, traffic-watching media helicopter, a B-2 bomber, or a commercial wide-body passenger jet, all aerospace products must be light, to be gravity-defying, as well as strong. They are produced from specialized materials that operate in extreme conditions. Aerospace parts must be manufactured, maintained, and continually tested to precise specifications in order to avoid the smallest defect that could lead to operating failure.

For more than thirty years, PTI has worked with both commercial and military aerospace, reaching every type of engine on every type of aircraft in the free world. With hundreds of specialized process approvals from more than forty OEMs, and certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap), our commitment to aerospace is part of our mission here at PTI.

Working to keep aircraft in safe flying condition is a critical aerospace industry service. PTI technicians follow detailed regulations to service aircraft components and systems including airframes, piston engines, turbine engines, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems with multiple specialized processes. Our one-stop specialized processes for aerospace components include repair services, non-destructive testing, shot peen, passivation, precision cleaning, magnesium coatings, adhesive bonding, dry film lubrication, and pressure testing.

Getting your multiple high-end process solutions performed in one stop yields significant savings in aerospace manufacturing lead times, without sacrificing rigid performance specifications and requirements. As a leader in the aerospace support services industry, every aircraft component PTI touches receives paramount attention to detail in safety, reliability, and efficiency.

The Benefits of Adhesive Bonding

Bonding&DFL._cropAdhesives are the number one choice for joining methods. Because of its numerous benefits, adhesive bonding is used in many different industries, and when compared to the alternative of welding and riveting, adhesives win by a landslide.

Loctite’s post “Adhesives are not second best” describes in detail the many benefits of adhesive bonding over mechanical methods of joining substrates. Loctite, a German manufacturer of high-performance industrial adhesives and sealants, explains the difficulties of traditional bonding techniques
and how adhesive bonding gives you improved performance.

Loctite outlines adhesive bonding benefits, including:

  • Less corrosion and material fatigue
  • No heat distortion or warping
  • No weakening
  • Greater flexibility for use with dissimilar materials
  • Increased rigidity and stiffness
  • Decreased weight
  • Cost savings in workforce training and inventory
  • Improved cosmetic appearance

Although there are many circumstances where welding and riveting are appropriate, any limitations are easy to overcome with adhesives. “Adhesives are certainly not second best when it comes to the selection of joining methods. Indeed for many engineers, adhesives are the first – often, the only – choice,” Loctite said.

When choosing the right adhesive for your parts, it is important to understand the different application benefits and adhesion properties. At PTI Industries, we help you find the right adhesive, because, as Loctite says, “there is no such thing as the totally universal glue.”

Adhesive bonding is a high-tech service PTI Industries offers as one of our many specialized processes, giving you a one-stop experience for your critical part processes.

For additional information check out our blog from July 2014; The 10 Top Things to Look for in an Adhesive Bonding Company.

Inside PTI’s Precision Cleaning Room

Our Clean Department Crew

Our Clean Department Crew

Your sensitive parts demand specific precision cleaning requirements that can involve widely different cleaning methods. Inside PTI’s precision cleaning room you’ll find areas designated for many different cleanliness levels and processes.

Within the clean room a department manager oversees two supervisors, technicians, engineers, and processing employees, each assigned to maintaining conformance in the various precision cleaning methods. From your initial job request to your part’s final on-time delivery, a member of our team follows your part through all stages of the precision cleaning process.

A technical group leader is responsible for your part, staying actively involved in the job until your part is processed to meet all requirements in a timely fashion, even if this means running the process multiple times.

Each precision cleaning team member receives multiple layers of training, first on the equipment and its setting up and use, and for the particular parts assigned to them. Each part undergoes thorough evaluation from our technical quoting group, who receives a new part’s specifications and information from the sales department that takes your order.

From the initial visual verification inspection under white or black light, most parts will then undergo a wide variety of possible testing ranging from the visual to particle weight and size. The equipment also meets rigorous testing to assure it’s free of the same size particles.

Each part sent into the clean room is cleaned according to its recommended method, with different cleaning methods applied to a single part without leaving the confines of the clean room. This ensures that your part’s cleanliness is preserved and remains in conformance to industry and contract standards

Our precision cleaning and cleanliness testing equipment and capabilities include ultrasonic cleaning, CO2 snowgun, vapor degreasing, media blasting, aqueous immersion, turbulent flushing, and high pressure spray room washing. The list of certifications and specialized process approvals are designed to comply with industry specifications and very strict cleanliness standards.

Your part receives the highest levels of cleanliness through PTI’s numerous clean room processes. Our in-process cleaning methods have grown out of the need to meet your precision cleaning requirements.

Your end-cleaned product for all the industries we serve, including the aerospace, medical, automotive, and laser industries, will show superior performance and endurance, reducing OEM warranty claims.

Give us a call with any precision cleaning questions you have and learn how PTI can assist you.

Workforce Fair & Tradeshow Keeps Growing

DSC_7245PTI Industries exhibited at the annual Aerospace Component Manufacturers (ACM) tradeshow on October 23rd in Windsor, CT. This show gives customers and students the chance to see the World’s Aerospace Alley first hand at their annual “Future Workforce Opportunities” Fair & Tradeshow. Seventy ACM firms attended demonstrating their commitment to collaborate and build their businesses.

One of the ACM’s goals is to work together on workforce training and continue to provide vital connections between the aerospace industries and its future workforce. The ACM morning fair saw 800 enthusiastic students, ranging from eighth grade through high school and representing thirty-six schools from twenty-six local towns.

Aerospace companies worked to answer the student’s questions and discussed the importance of STEM classes in preparing for their future. U.S. Senator Christopher Murphy came to support ACM and speak with the students who were quick to capitalize on taking selfies with the senator.

Later in the show, ACM members met and made business connections, strengthening the supply chain within the aerospace corridor. The show grows every year, highlighting the broad capabilities of the Connecticut and southwestern Massachusetts’ aerospace suppliers while demonstrating the importance of aerospace manufacturing to the region’s economy.

ACM encourages aerospace manufacturers to collaborate with fellow manufacturers as well as special process houses to enhance the value of their product offerings. PTI Industries was there to exhibit its specialized processes available to aerospace manufacturers, including precision cleaning, adhesive bonding and shot peening to name a few.

PTI Industries Exhibiting at Annual ACM Show

We will be exhibiting at the ACM Tradeshow to be held October 23, 2014

Hartford – Windsor Airport Marriott Hotel
Windsor, Connecticut.

ACM sloganThe trade show offers decision makers,  supply chain managers and company representatives a unique opportunity to visit current suppliers, identify new suppliers and discuss new and creative procurement opportunities – all under one roof – all in one day. It is the belief of many of the ACM firm’s that “Working together as a network, ACM member companies can collectively offer broader capabilities then they could as individuals”.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you that day. Please contact us at 1-800-318-8438 to set up a time.

ACM logo

For more information about ACM, go to the ACM website. Check out the video on their home page.

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