Parts from Palm-Sized To XXL

Most of you might already know that when you deliver your part to PTI, all your special process needs are taken care of in-house and in one stop. But did you also know that we’re set up to meet the unique requirements of each customer based on widely varying part sizes? Imagine a kiddie wading […]

Innovation In Response to Customer’s Increased Capacity

When a customer is implementing a new technology platform or experiencing capacity issues, PTI will work with them to research and evaluate their options. By creating a strategic process improvement plan, we’re able to define the necessary improvements that ensure you keep up with changing demands and function efficiently. Process improvement occurs in each of […]

PTI Industries Cleared to Launch Precision Cleaning for SpaceX

Recently approved for precision cleaning of its aerospace parts by SpaceX, the space launch provider controlled by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, PTI will provide this critical service as SpaceX receives its own launch approval. Certified by the U.S. Air Force after receiving strict security clearances, SpaceX is now eligible to compete for satellite launches of […]